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How can I prepare for an environmental emergency with my pet?

You never know when an environmental disaster will take place. Flooding and fires are common, especially during the spring. Knowing what to do in an emergency, and being prepared to do it quickly, can make a big difference for your pet (and you!).

It is a good idea to make sure your pet has permanent identification, such as a microchip or tattoo, and that the information attached to that identification is kept up to date. A microchip with an old phone number and address on record will not be very helpful if someone is trying to find you to return your lost pet. If you are unsure about how to update this information, please contact us.

An emergency kit with all the things you and your pet needs is also a good idea so you can quickly grab it and go. Make sure you have also researched accommodations that would accept you and your pet. Look into hotels, family, friends, or other options in your area. You should find somewhere that is far enough away that if there was major flooding or a large grass fire causing evacuations, those accommodations would still be available for you.

Another really important thing to think about is, where will you be at the time an emergency may occur? It is always a possibility that you will not be home when something happens. If you have time to go home and get what you need, along with your pet, that’s great but this may not be the case. It is a good idea to put a sticker in your window that lets emergency personnel know there are pets inside your house. If you are able to evacuate with your pet, make sure to write this on the sticker before you go.

The ABVMA has made up a pamphlet that summarizes how to prepare yourself for an emergency or disaster and you may want to have a look. Click here to see the pamphlet or click here for their article.