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Does my pet need dental care?

Did you know that it is equally as important for your pet to have routine dental care as it is for you? Although it would be ideal, there are not many dogs and cats out there that tolerate having their teeth brushed every day. People brush their own teeth twice a day, sometimes more. Most people have their teeth cleaned professionally once to twice a year. It makes sense that animals would need professional care for their teeth just as often as their human counterparts.

Why is cleaning my pets teeth so important?

Dental disease can cause numerous problems for our animals that extend beyond the mouth. The bacteria under the gum line can only be properly cleaned while a dog or cat is under anesthetic. This bacteria is the leading cause of dental disease resulting in teeth that need to be removed as well as having a negative impact on other organs in the body. A broken or infected tooth causes pain and may affect an animals behavior. Sometimes you may see aggression in a pet that was previously very sweet. These changes are usually gradual. Often owners believe their pet is acting different because he or she is getting old. After dental disease is treated, it can be very dramatic to see the change back to what the pet acted like months before. It is also important to be aware that dogs and cats will often continue to eat when their teeth are bothering them!

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