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Does my pet need health insurance?

Pet insurance is like having health care for your fur babies. Insurance is a way to ensure that, whenever you need to, you can provide the very best care for your pet(s) without the financial concerns. Sudden accidents and the development of unexpected illnesses are common and can be very costly. In many cases, insurance companies can cover most of these costs. There are many companies that offer pet insurance making it possible for all pet owners to find a plan they like that suits their budget.

Pet insurance has come a long way since it was first introduced. Many companies do not withhold payment for conditions that your pets breed may be predisposed to as long as symptoms were not present before getting insurance for your pet. While insuring your pet as soon as it has its first visit to the veterinarian is ideal, there is a common misconception that if a pet is not insured as a puppy or kitten there is no use for it later in life.

What Pets Should Have Insurance?

All breeds of all ages should ideally have pet insurance. If you didn’t insure your pet as a puppy or kitten, it is not too late. Many dogs and cats continue to be very healthy as they reach their adult years and insurance will cover any new conditions that arise as they age. Many¬†of the illnesses that we tend to see primarily in older animals such as cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, and arthritis can be quite costly to treat and would be covered as long as symptoms were not present prior to enrolling your pet. In addition to illnesses, accidents can happen at any time. There is no age limit, for example, for a pet eating something it shouldn’t have, getting hit by a car, or breaking a tooth. On the other hand, young animals are not immune to accidents or illness either. A very healthy puppy or kitten can still break a bone, need surgery, or develop an illness needing hospitalization.

What Does Landing Animal Clinic Recommend?

We encourage all pet owners to consider pet insurance. Research insurance providers to determine which company and plan is right for you. If you have questions about insurance in general or are unsure where to start looking, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also give you an idea of what kinds of unexpected problems we commonly see in different ages and breeds of pets. Click here for our contact information.